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kapegirl said: You're not updating this site anymore? Are you busy? Or is it because you don't have the passion for ShinRan anymore? That will make me very sad...

Hahaha.. of course not.. im just too busy with my work.. but I still love ShinRan.. :-) will find time to update it..

Gintama Detective Conan Parody.. 

This is so funny..

How long are we  going to wait for the next shinran episode…? :-(

cutenessalive said: Konbanwa! I had seen your tumblr and I am proud it is very cool. Also, knowing that you're Pinoy (same as me, on the other hand, I am from Laguna). And I am addicted to Detective Conan so badly. I so reacted much when I saw you recommend the watching of Hyouka because I also love it and watched it. Arigato Gozaimas! This blog is very perfect and I absolutely love it. ~Well, gomen, this is actually not a question. Keep it up!! =)))

Hi cutenessalive, thank you so much for this awesome message.. I love Hyouka too.. but too bad they decided not to continue the anime. I grew up in Laguna, lived here for 20 years. Staying here in manila for work. :-) Arigatou Gozaimashita!!

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It has been announced by LucarioPK that they will be releasing the Movie 17 in English sub this coming November.. Currently, they releasing English Sub anime episodes in dailymotion (not in torrent). Watch the episode 694 (Movie 17’s side story) for the actual announcement.

LucarioPk thank you so much for this announcement. :-)

For haibara-aptx: This is for those who don’t know about it yet..

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Episode 418 - Home of Beika’s Grenier

a mother’s love.. Happy Mother’s Day!